How to tune a piaon

Step 1: Tune one string in middle octave

No.1 The middle octave is "middle C" also called C4, upward to C5. Each key in this region strikes three strings in most cases (two on some reduced spinets like mine.)

No.2 Pick one string to work at a time; if three strings, start with the middle. Carefully find the pin that turns the string you want to tune. Place the lever so that the socket is fully seated on the pin.

No.3 Place your foot on the sustain pedal to lift the dampers off the strings whenever placing or removing mutes. This will protect the felt of the dampers while you place mutes.

No.4 Gently place the rubber wedge mutes to stop the vibration of the other strings in the set, but not so tight that the string is unnecessarily deformed.

No.5 Turn the pin counter-clockwise to slightly loosen the string (flat the note). This assures that you are on the right pin, among other things.

While repeatedly striking the key FIRMLY, turn the pin with the lever clockwise VERY SLIGHTLY until the Korg shows that it is in tune.

Step 2: Match remaining string(s)

No.1 After the first string is tuned, it's time to tune the other string or two in the set to the first; this is called "tuning the unisons.

No.2 Move the mutes so that the first, tuned string and a second string are free, but the third, if present, is still dampened by a mute.

Ignore the chromatic tuner; tune the unisons by ear.

No.3 Put your wrench on the second string's pin. While repeatedly striking the key hard, turn the second pin until you can hear no more "beats"--that is, it sounds like one note, not two in disharmony.

Repeat for the third string if necessary, with all rubber mutes removed.